Wood Allotments

We have been hosting a Wood Allotment in Spud Wood since 2014. This is supported by both The Woodland Trust and Mersey Forest.

A “wood allotment” is mutually beneficial idea that matches people that need wood to a wood that needs some management. It gives the owner a carefully marked number of trees to fell for their own use, such as firewood, in a local woodland that is in need of thinning.

We set-up a Community Interest Company – Friends of Spud Wood CIC – to enable us to work with The Woodland Trust and now, under licence, have a wood allotment with places for up to 25 members in Spud Wood.

The scheme runs from October-March every year and we allocate places in late summer. Please email if interested - hello@spudwood.org.uk

The wood allotment is managed under a licence which comes with certain conditions. We have agreed with The Woodland Trust that anyone that wants to take on a wood allotment must:

In addition we have a few further rules that need to be followed:

Wood allotment area for 2023/24 is marked in yellow.